Trimline® Collars

Can something so soft and comfortable really hold up as a reliable e-collar (or Elizabethan collar)? The answer is yes. New orders, re-orders and reams of positive feedback from Vets and Technicians confirm it’s true. By the very nature of its comfortable construction and fit, pets can easily eat, drink and sleep comfortably, thereby allowing them to recuperate quickly. Seeing how this collar can put their pet at ease, clients are also more likely to keep this collar on their pet as per doctor’s instructions. Assort sizes for your best value. Combine sizes for quantity discounts.

#253 Trimline Collars

 SIZE Depth 1-5 6+
Tiny 4" $8.00 ea. $7.44 ea.
Small 5.5" $8.25 ea. $7.67 ea.
Sm/Med 6.5" $11.65 ea. $10.83 ea.
Medium 8" $15.45 ea. $14.37 ea.
Large 9.5" $17.25 ea. $16.04 ea.
X-Large 12" $20.75 ea. $19.30 ea.

#253 Trimline Combo (one of each size) $72.50