About Us

Campbell Pet Company began decades ago with a simple idea: passionately create and sell quality products that are useful, humane, and practical for the animals we all love. At first, we sold a limited product line to veterinarians and animal service agencies. Today, we feature hundreds of products for pet-loving professionals and consumers.

Our founder, Sam Campbell, has invented many trusted products for the nation’s top veterinarians and technicians. Thousands of professionals safely care for pets with Sam’s humane snappy snares, pole syringes, squeeze cages, and ez-nabbers.

In 1984, we began making the country’s most durable and simple rope and flat leashes (now the standards for the industry). We also developed the ever-popular personalized leash, which is a great marketing tool for a facility.

Based in the U.S.A., our Vancouver, Washington warehouse/factory employs 40 people whose goal it is to provide the best and safest products for pets. We develop and manufacture many of our products. We also distribute quality products from other reputable manufacturers. Campbell Pet Company stands behind every one of our products, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Since not all of our items are on this website, feel free to call 800-228-6364 or 360-892-9786, Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., PST, with questions or inquiries.

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