Pet Stretcher

Looking for a safe way to transport anesthetized or injured dogs?

Our #2300 Pet Stretcher with Straps is the smart, safe, easy way to do so. This Pet Stretcher is made in the USA out of 3/4" thick, 52" tall fiberglass poles, soft plastic handlebar grips, 22"x 42" reinforced nylon fabric, 2" seat belt webbing and adjustable Derlin® buckles. We have carried up to 300 lbs on this handy Pet Stretcher. You can also place this Pet Stretcher on the X-Ray table.

Our #2300-M Black Nylon Mesh Stretcher with Straps is our latest and greatest Campbell Pet Company invention. This handy, sturdy Nylon Mesh Stretcher is made with strong, black nylon mesh material and has supported by thick 3/4" fiberglass rods. This stretcher carried approximately 300 lbs during testing. Our #2300-1 Black Nylon Mesh Stretcher has no straps.

Suggested uses:

  • Transport anesthetized or injured dogs
  • Travois
  • Transporting animal from vehicle to facility
  • Keep in vehicle for emergency use

If it becomes soiled, remove the fiber glass poles and release the side buckles, the rest if machine washable.

Having a Pet Stretcher or Nylon Mesh Stretcher on premises or available for use is one sure way to help reduce accident claims from back injuries.

Pet Stretcher

#2300 Blue Nylon with Straps $108
#2300-M Black Mesh with Straps (not shown) $100
#2301 Black Mesh with No Straps $98