Heavy Duty Wire Muzzles

Tried and true, these plastic-coated wire muzzles have new and improved leather straps and collar loops to prevent loss. They are quality constructed to be extra durable, yet light and comfortable. Other features include exclusive double nose protection, plastic covered wires that will not rust or chip, and insulated wires that prevent the nose or tongue from sticking in cold weather, or burning in hot weather.

For best results, fasten the muzzle with protective nose piece on top of snout and strap buckle on top of the back of the head. Regular collar should be inserted through the leather loop of the muzzle. Measure the snout midway from tip of the nose to the eyes, adding 2" for small or medium dogs, and 3" for large breeds.

*Never leave a dog muzzled without supervision

#910 - Heavy Duty Wire Muzzles

 SIZE Breed Snout Price
2 Bichons, Mini Poodles, Schnauzers 8" $18.50
4 Beagles, Lhasas, Wire Fox Terriers 10" $18.50
6 Border Collies, Kerry Blue Terriers, Elkhounds 12" $18.50
8 Huskies, Lab. Retrievers, Setters 14" $22.50
10 Akitas, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers 17" $22.50