Bite Free® Collar

Bite Free is renowned as the best Cervical Collar on the market today. Truly bite-free, it restricts a dog from reaching post surgical wounds, yet allows a dog to eat, drink, lie down and remain fully mobile. Bite Free is the only Cervical Collar to provide owners an adjustable chest strap as standard equipment. Made of high-quality, marine-grade vinyl and tough low-density plastic, it will provide years of constant use. Finally, the top quality foam padding ensures a comfortable fit on all dogs. Combine sizes for quantity discounts.

#280 Bite-Free Cervical Collars

 SIZE Width Neck Circ.
1-5 6+
XS 2.5" 16" $19.00 ea. $18.05 ea.
Small 3.5" 18" $20.50 ea. $19.48 ea.
Medium 4" 21" $22.30 ea. $21.19 ea.
Large 5" 25" $23.10 ea. $21.95 ea.
XL 6" 27" $26.25 ea. $24.94 ea.
XXL 7" 28" $29.00 ea. $27.55 ea.
XXXL 8" 32" $30.50 ea. $28.98 ea.

#280-C  Bite-Free Combo Pack (one of each size)    $157