KONG® Blue

Go Blue!!  Available only to Veterinarians, the Radiopaque KONG® Blue has the same great ORIGINAL, super bouncy and irresistable shape with a rubber that is newly formulated, lighter and stronger. KONG® Blue is highly puncture resistant.  The material used for the KONG Blue is 'self-sealing'.  The molecules are designed to move back into place when a puncture occurs. KONG Blue is 25% stronger (155-180lbs per square inch) than KONG Red.

Combine sizes for quantity discount!

Add some tasty KONG® Stuff'N Paste or KONG® Snaps to add excitement to play time!

  #755 KONG Blue

Size Item # 1-5 6-11 12+
Small 755-S $6.75 ea. $6.41 ea. $6.08 ea.
Medium 755-M $10 ea. $9.50 ea. $9.00 ea.
Large 755-L $10.65 ea. $10.12 ea. $9.59 ea.
Extra Large 755-XL $15.60 ea. $14.82 ea. $14.04 ea.
King KONG 755-KK $19 ea. $18.05 ea. $17.10 ea.