Goat Hide Glove

Ever heard the phrase "stubborn as a goat"?  Well these Goat Hide Gloves are as "stubborn as goat hide"!  These gloves have ample padding that doesn't interfere with flexibility.  The gauntlet is 18" long with a cuff at the elbow.  They can be washed with mild soap and warm water, then hang to dry. 

The Goat Hide Glove is available in four convenient sizes:

  • Small (size 8)
  • Medium (size 10) 
  • Large (size 12)
  • Extra Large (size 13)

    *See image for sizing instructions.

     #703 Goat Hide Gloves

    Size 1-2 3+
    S,M,L,XL $98 ea. $86.25 ea.