EZ Soft Collars

You’ve never seen another fabric-based e-collar work like this. Lightweight and pliable for feline use, the EZ Soft provides extra rigidity thanks to its patented, sewn-in “Flexstay” technology. And getting it on a patient has never been easier. The patented “EZ Fit” neck closure slides easily over the patient’s neck and is quickly tightened with an easy-to-use toggle. This allows the EZ Soft to go on, and stay on, the patient faster and safer than any product on the market today. EZ Soft is available in five sizes for kittens, cats and puppies through medium dogs.

#285 EZ Soft Collars

 SIZE Depth
1-5 6+
285-XS 4" $10.90 ea. $10.25 ea.
285-S 5.5" $11.50 ea. $10.81 ea.
285-M 6.5" $14.55 ea. $13.68 ea.
285-L 8" $17.85 ea. $16.78 ea.
285-XL 9.5" $22.65 ea. $21.29 ea.

#285-C  EZ Soft Combo Pack (one each: XS-XL)    $66.75