Elk Hide Glove

In all of our years in business, we've received the most positive response from these Elk Hide Gloves!  Veterinarians, Technicians and Animal Control professionals Worldwide tell us they feel more 'control' when using these gloves.  These tough Elk Hide Gloves are very resistant to punctures, such as cat teeth.  While not fully puncture proof, this functional glove offers an 18" long gauntlet with an elbow length cuff to help provide protection from hind leg scratching, ample padding for protection and a flexibility that can't be beat!  If the glove becomes soiled you can wash it with mild soap and warm water, then hang to dry. 

The Elk Hide Glove is available in four convenient sizes:

  • Small (size 8) 
  • Medium (size 10) 
  • Large (size 12) 
  • Extra Large (size 13) 

*See image for sizing instructions.

 #702 Elk Hide Gloves

*Delay: Small, Medium, and Large are delayed due to a leather shortage. Expected to return in March 2024.

Size 1-2 3+
S,M,L,XL  $92.50 ea. $86.25 ea.