Cat Sack™

The Cat Sack™, a "straight jacket" for cats, has a total of four zipper openings.  These openings allow you to access most parts of the cat for many procedures and tests while keeping you and your staff protected. 

Points of Access:

  • Quick-close collar
  • Two-way main zipper for front and rear
  • Zippered, front paw area
  • Underside zipper for easier rear-leg

Made of durable nylon pack cloth, this New Cat Sack™ is dirt resistant and washable with mild soap and water, then hang to dry.

#404 Cat Sack

Size Color Weight Limit
Small Green Under 5 lbs. $30.60
Medium Blue 5-10 lbs. $34.85
Large Blue 10-15 lbs. $37.85
Extra Large Green 15-22 lbs. $42.95
Jumbo Large Blue Over 22 lbs. $44.50

Cat Sack Sets

Sizes Item #
Set Price
S,M,L 404-3 Set of 3 $99.75
S,M,L,XL 404-4 Set of 4 $140