#102-6 6-ft. Rope Leashes with no Ring

As a courtesy leash for clients or just a handy, hardworking leash to keep around, Campbell Pet Company's U.S.-made rope leashes are a clear favorite of our customers at Veterinary Clinics, Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, Rescue Groups, Grooming Facilities and many other canine-oriented businesses. Manufactured with very strong, hollow-braided polypropylene rope, with inverted ends sewn together for extra strength, this is tough stuff. In fact, Campbell Pet Company's rope leashes are guaranteed not to come apart. Model #102-6 uses no ring and provides nearly 900 lbs. of tensile strength. If you need a custom length, simply call Campbell Pet Company for pricing.

#102-6 6-ft. Rope Leashes with no ring (50 per bundle)

Quantity 50 100 200 500 1,000
Unit Price $1.09
$1.02 99¢ 95¢
Total $54.50 $106 $204 $495 $950