• 30" Precision Pole Syringe
  • 30" Precision Pole Syringe

30" Precision Pole Syringe

While our standard Pole Syringes gained popularity as a safe and sometimes necessary injection tool, our new 30” 3ml & 1ml Precision Pole Syringes add even more user control. From a safe distance, now you can give an injection just as you would if you were holding the syringe in your hand. Once the needle is inserted precisely where you want it, the plunger can be compressed to deliver the contents of the syringe. To do so, this pole syringe has been designed so the internal metal plunger presses against the plastic syringe plunger to force out the contents in the barrel into the animal. As a result, you can count on more precise and accurately applied dosages. 

30" Precision Pole Syringes 

Item # Size Detail Price
1100-30P-3ML  30" 3ml $90.25
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