#104-6-O 6-ft. Personalized Leashes with O-Ring (9/16" x 6')

#104-6-O Personalized Leashes w/O-Ring (9/16" x 6')

Extremely affordable, manufactured with ultra-sturdy nylon, and featuring a durable O-Ring, our new 6-foot 104-6-O Personalized Leashes are a favorite of pet owners and Veterinarians. With your practice name and phone number in plain sight, these leashes are proven marketing tools that offer a constant reminder of your excellent service. To best meet your particular needs, Campbell Pet Company gives you the tools to create the exact leash you have in mind. 

Customize to your heart’s delight — We’ve added 5 new ink colors!!

*One ink color per order. If you would like two or more, please give us a call* 

While these Personalized Leashes feature an impressive selection of 8 colors, the addition of 5 new ink colors opens a whole new world of customization options. Our white, orange and yellow inks work well on all leash colors. Not all ink colors works as well on certain leash colors. When ordering, we’ve pre-selected the leash colors that work best with whatever ink color you choose.


*Please allow 20-25 business days for your order to be completed and ship

 QTY. 250 (MINIMUM) 500 1,000
UNIT PRICE $1.43 $1.38 $1.33
TOTAL $357.50 $690 $1,330