Puppy KONG®

Help your clients start their new puppy off right by recommending the Puppy KONG®!

The unique size, design and new rubber formula provides all the benefits a growing puppy needs.  If the Puppy KONG® is incorporated into a growing puppy's basic training and has caring owners and a supportive veterinary staff, that puppy is sure to grow up into a happy and healthy dog.

Create more playtime excitement by adding a dollop of KONG® Stuff'N Paste for puppies!

Puppy KONG comes in Blue & Pink.  Orders over 2 will be assorted. No specifications on this one. Thank you.

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  #792 Puppy KONG

Size Item # 1-5 6-11 12+
Small 792-S $4.75 ea. $4.51 ea. $4.28 ea.
Medium 792-M $6.50 ea. $6.18 ea. $5.85 ea.
Large 792-L $8.50 ea. $8.08 ea. $7.65 ea.