Pole Syringes

Often, when people see our Pole Syringe we hear them say, "I needed one of those last week. Please, send me one!" In addition to our 3/8" by 30" models, we have added a new, ultra-sturdy 3/4" by 48" Pole Syringe, designed for larger animals. Built to last and a real time saver, each pole is supplied with 6 syringes and needles. Choose from 5ml, 3ml or 1ml syringes. For best results, use 20g or 18g by 1/4" or 1/2" needles. The Terumo syringes we supply are best suited for the pole syringe. Monoject or B-D syringes can also be used.

The 3ml adapter will fit a 3ml or 5ml syringe by cutting the thumb part of the plunger off and then sliding it onto the stainless steel adapter. With the 1ml, you simply replace the plastic plunger with the stainless steel plunger, by adding the rubber stopper from the plastic plunger, and then slide the syringe over the plunger.

Pole Syringes

 Item # Size Detail Price
1100-30  30" 3ml $32
1100-48*  48" 3ml & 5ml $50
1100-EX  30"-60" 3ml extendible $55
1100-30-2T  30" 2-Tip 1ml & 3ml $60.50
1100-2T  30"-60" 2-Tip 1-3ml extendible $85

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