Purrfect Cat Collar

Combining the best from our Cat Elasti-Collar and Cat Stretch Collar, this collar is nothing short of Purrfect. It features an extremely durable, tightly woven nylon material sewn to elastic, and adds a new “strap keeper” to hold excess material and a tag, if necessary. For a Purrfect fit, the collar is easily cut and sealed.

If you would like to order less than 10 Purrfect Cat Collars, give us  call at 800-228-6364, and we can accommodate your request.

Extra Savings throughout July!!

#214 Purrfect Collars (1/2” x 14”)

Quantity 10 50 100 200 500 1,000
Unit Price $1.68 $1.58 $1.52 $1.45 $1.47
Total $16.80 $79 $152 $294 $715 $1,370

Also available individually wrapped for retail sale and extra revenue! Check it out.