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Bite Free® Collar

We are confident in saying that the Bite Free® Collar is the BEST cervical collar on the market.  While restricting the dog from reaching post surgical wounds, it allows the dog to remain mobile to eat, drink and lie down. Accesorized with a removable chest strap, an owner can choose to limit or allow mobility, depending on their Dr's orders.  Made of high quality marine grade vinyl and tough low density plastic, the Bite Free® Collar  will provide years of constant use. The comfortable top quality foam padding ensures a fit on all dogs.


#280 Bite-Free Cervical Collars

SIZE Width NECK CIRC. 1-5 6+
XS 2.5" 16" $16.00 ea. $15.20 ea.
Small 3.5" 18" $17.00 ea. $16.15 ea.
Medium 4" 21" 18.50 ea. $17.58 ea.
Large 5" 25" $19.25 ea. $18.29 ea.
XL 6" 27" $22.75 ea. $21.61 ea.
XXL 7" 28" $23.50 ea. $22.33 ea.
XXXL 8" 32" $27.00 ea. $25.65 ea.

#280-C  Bite-Free Combo Pack (one of each size)    $132.00

Price: $16.00-132.00