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Muzzles - Pug Nosed

When speed is essential in restraining an animal and eliminating the risk of injury from bites, these muzzles are on call!  Adding ease to subduing an animal for examination and handling, Quick Muzzles* are made of durable, nylon pack cloth and are made for temporary restraint only.   These Quick Muzzles are available in various sizes and sets ranging from Chihauhaus to big Rottweilers to Cats to Ferrets.

Dr. Judy Micarsky, DVM, writes "The Ferret Muzzle works great on Chihauhaus."

*Never leave a dog muzzled without supervision.


pug nose small



Pekingese, King Charles Spaniel, Japanese Chin

pug nose large



Pug, Boston Terrier, Shih Tzu, Lhaso Apso

"Pug Nosed" Breed 2 Set



Price: $6.50-12.50