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Metal Slide-On Tags

Metal Slide-On Tags are can only be ordered over the phone. Please call us at 800-228-6364 to place your order.

This innovative and popular Metal Slide-On Tag, available in Brass or Stainless Steel, is a walking billboard for your facility.  The convenience and simplicity of design has made many happy receptionists and clients.

  • Easily slides onto patients collar
  • Won't jingle and rattle against food dishes
  • No split rings or "s" hooks needed
  • Your patient becomes a walking marketing tool for your facility

The Metal Slide-On Tag style "D" fits most collars up to 5/8" width. 





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FEMA recommends this plan to help meet pet disaster needs "Make sure identification tags are up to date and securely fastened to your pet's collar. If possible, attach the address and/or phone number of your evacuation site. If your pet gets lost, his tag is his ticket home. Make sure you have a current photo of your pet for identification purposes."