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ID Bands

Strong, smudge proof and legible indefinitely, these 5/8” wide laminated polyethylene and polypropylene ID bands have really made a mark at pet care practices. They provide a fast and inexpensive way to ID patients with special instructions or procedures while under your care. Each box contains a black Sharpie® pen and 500 bands that are easily cut to size for the animal at hand. In addition to our standard white band, we offer colored bands, as well. Choose from 20” or 10” bands in White, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Orange or Yellow. Specify color when ordering. Pre-assorted box contains Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and Yellow.

ITEM 1-2 3-4 5+
White 10" $34 ea. $32.30 ea. $30.94 ea.
White 20" $41 ea. $38.95 ea. $37.31 ea.
Color 10" $48 ea. $45.60 ea. $43.68 ea.
Color 20" $55 ea. $53 ea. $50.05 ea.
Pre-Assorted Colors 10" $48 ea. $45.60 ea. $43.68 ea.
Pre-Assorted Colors 20" $55 ea. $52.25 ea. $50.05 ea.


Price: $34.00-55.00