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Have you been searching for a way to safely and humanely remove a fractious cat or small animal from a cage while avoiding injury to yourself and staff?  Try our EZ-Nabber!  Made in the U.S.A., this durable, washable capture net is perfect for catching the unruly feline or small pet.  Available in a 16" or 14" frame, it's sure to serve your facility well!

Various safe and humane uses include:

  • Safely transferring an animal to another cage
  • Placing the animal into their carrier
  • Giving aseptic intramuscular injections (Anesthetics, Vaccines, etc.)
  • Holding animal while abscesses and wounds are cleaned and flushed

If the EZ-Nabber net becomes soiled, don't worry, it's washable!  Just leave it on the frame and wash in a tub with soap and water, add some chlorhexidene or your preferred disinfectant if necessary. 

Here is what Dr. Michael S. Cooper DVM of Portage Veterinary Clinic, SC in Portage, WI has to say about the EZ-Nabber;

"I have used the EZ-Nabber for about three years and don't know what we would do without it.  We feel that it is a very safe and humane way to handle difficult cats.  The cat is safely secure and the operators are out of harms way.  We love the EZ-Nabber."




16" Frame & Net


14" Frame & Net


16" Replacement Net


14" Replacement Net




We also suggest trying out the Scruffer when handling cats.

Price: $135.00