#104 Personalized Leashes with D-Ring (9/16" x 4')

#104 Personalized Leashes w/D-Ring (9/16" x 4')

Extremely affordable, manufactured with ultra-sturdy nylon, and featuring a durable D-Ring, our 104 Personalized Leashes are a favorite of pet owners and Veterinarians. With your practice name and phone number in plain sight, these leashes are proven marketing tools that offer a constant reminder of your excellent service.

To best meet your particular needs, Campbell Pet Company gives you the tools to create the exact leash you have in mind. Our Personalized Leashes are available in an impressive selection of colors. Our white ink works well on all colors, and we suggest our black ink on the lighter colors.

* SPECIAL OFFER Order 500 personalized leashes and get an additional 50 leashes for free. Or order 1000 personalized leashes and get an additional 100 leashes for free!

*OPTIONAL SPECIAL OFFERAs an option to receiving additional Personalized Leashes with orders of 500 or 1,000, now when you order 500 Personalized Leashes, you can get 100 #103 Flat Leashes for free SHIPPED NOW in lieu of 50 personalized. Buy 1,000 and you get an additional 200 #103 Flat Leashes for free SHIPPED NOW in lieu of 100 personalized! Call us at 800-228-6364 to take advantage of this offer.