#102 52" Rope Leashes with no Ring

As a courtesy leash for clients or just a handy, hardworking leash to keep around, Campbell Pet Company's U.S.-made rope leashes are a clear favorite of our customers at Veterinary Clinics, Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, Rescue Groups, Grooming Facilities and many other canine-oriented businesses. Manufactured with very strong, hollow-braided polypropylene rope, with inverted ends sewn together for extra strength, this is tough stuff. In fact, Campbell Pet Company's rope leashes are guaranteed not to come apart. Model #102 uses no ring and provides nearly 900 lbs. of tensile strength. If you need a custom length, simply call Campbell Pet Company for pricing.


We’re hoping Santa delivers ROPE for Christmas!

We currently have little to no ROPE to cut and sew for leashes. We expect a shipment at the end of December. We apologize that we are unable to meet your need for Rope Leashes today. If you place an order today for any #101 or #102 Leashes we cannot guarantee shipping until January.

Please call us for other LEASH options that we can fulfill more quickly.  1-800-228-6364

#102 Rope Leashes with no ring (50 per bundle)

Quantity 50 100 200* 500* 1,000*
Unit Price 75¢ 73¢ 70¢ 70¢ 68¢
Total $37.50 $73 $140 $350 $680


*We'll add 10 FREE leashes to orders of 200; 40 FREE leashes to orders of 500; 100 FREE leashes to orders of 1,000.