Mobile Folding Stretcher

Look no further than Campbell Pet Company for the best value on a Mobile Folding Stretcher - one that can be stored, used by all staff members, cleaned-up easily, looks professional and really holds up!

The stretcher is made of drawn, high-strength aluminum (i.e. Aircraft tubing). As a result, it is incredibly strong, yet lightweight enough to carry, store and maneuver with ease. How strong?  It's been tested to successfully carry more than 300 lbs. The mesh cover is porous, so it breathes and is easy to clean. Because the stretcher fold up conveniently, storage is no problem.

 The #2400 has two stationary wheels and two swivel wheels (4 wheels total).   

The #2400-4SW has four swivel wheels for more maneuverability.  

The #2401 Mobile Stretcher has no wheels. 

Mobile Folding Stretcher

#2400 — 2 Swivel Wheels, 2 Stationary Wheels 
#2400-4SW — 4 Swivel Wheels 
#2401 — No Wheels (Currently Unavailable)